Cakey Boo's TaT Shop Galleries

I am updating Prices, and Descriptions, as fast as I can.

If you see items at a price you like, or don’t like, think its too cheap or too expensive!? Then take a look at everything… Buy it all! 😉 haha

If you want more than one thing, add it to your basket or wish list, screenshot it, and send it to me. Then we can discuss.

I am happy to do discount if you want lots of bits!


Please Peruse 😉

Any postage, or delivery is extra, unless stated as free.

I plan to have a few set days a week when I can deliver items. Those days and times will be published as and when items get sold.

Please share this website, and my facebook Shop: CakeyBooTaT, with ALL of your Friends and Family! Tat Shop Items get automatically synced with my FB -Shop… Saves creating things for sale twice! 

Thank You! xxx

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