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Due to Curve Ball After Curve Ball… I have even more Tat for Sale than when I first started this website in December!

I have photographed so many items for sale, which has taken me weeks, and its taking way too long to edit, rename, upload all the photos, and then create individual product items here in my shop, describing everything will take a looong time…

I decided to make some Photo Galleries of the different items in different categories, so you can see what I have for sale and then make offers if they are not already in my shop.

I’ve installed yet another a new plugin that allows buyers to make offers! 😉 

Remember to use your Wish List option above and then you can save items to your Wishlist, later add to your basket, and buy in one go! 

If items vanish from the Photo Albums then check the Tat Shop, I will remove them from these Albums, once added as products in the shop.

Items in the Tat Shop are also Automatically synced with my CakeyBooTat Shop on Facebook, as and when they get added to the Shop Catalogues.

This saves me doing it twice! 😉

What started out as a Tat Shop Website for a bit of fun, has turned into a fully fledged WordPress Website with many many new plugins and a Beautiful theme!

 You can also learn WordPress online with me, at my Micro Skool!  

Explore The World With Cakey Boots 🙂

Travel stories, photography, video and working away, Im going to document all of my journeys and experiences, while on the road… It’s going to be epic! 

The only question is… which transportation will I take! 😉 

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